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DASI is a private, community-based nonprofit agency operating in Sussex County, NJ as the primary resource for victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and human trafficking.

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Artwork by Elissa

Survivor Poetry



Learn the Secrets

By Crystal Clear

Learn the secrets
Inside your dream
That once were faint
As a single beam.

Don’t be set back In this test
Just remember
That you’re blessed.

What once was faint Is increasing fast
The brightest lights
Are meant to last

Keep your heart truly humble
As you endure the times you stumble

Let the light gain control
Allow radiance to refresh your soul.

Find peace and love within you Now.
Your Inner Light will show you how.

Learn The Secrets

If you focus on sadness or grief
Darkness will rob your light like a thief.

As you let the darkness descend
You will find the light to have no end.

This is the secret - no longer a dream
Go with the light within
For like you it is blissful and supreme!

Copyrighted/used with permission. Crystal Clear L

Survivor Message

Thoughts on Poetry Workshops

During the week there are things that can feel like obstacles, but for me, if I can push through and get here, sometimes I know I will be alright. When I’m at home, or anywhere else that things are crazy, I can tap into this collective energy that we have here. The paper and the writing have always been important, but just to look around this room and I can write something down, knowing that it’s safe. We gave each other a safe place. When things are going haywire, I know I can reach for the phone and these women will be here. When you’re not safe outside, it’s a very good feeling.

Thoughts on Poetry Workshops

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